More about Juha


Born 1960 in Oulu, Northern Finland. Achieved maturity in town of  Ylivieska before making triumphant return to Oulu. Now lives in Joensuu, Finland.
Married. Wife named Sari Marjatta. Two daughters Niina and Venla.

Tends a garden, growing various herbs in wooden boxes. A vapour-smoker; enjoys smoking vapour in the herb harden, but the vapour doesn’t include these herbs.

Working full time at Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Lecturer in Sound Design. Trying to be recordist and sound designer in tattered shreds of spare time remaining. Self-taught acoustics researcher. A traveller for fun, but no longer for work when it can be helped.

Proud owner of a deep, dark, well-trained male voice for hire. Commercials, documentaries, corporate training and so on. VOs. Mostly in Finnish.

Lives in own house (to be honest, it’s the bank’s) in the area called Utra. In a house with plenty of undone work; not much wrong with the house, but the man of the house is quite lazy. Occasional computer game addict. Connoisseur (well; enthusiast, anyway) of Brandy and Irish Whiskey. Makes music with stringed instruments.

That’s all, folks!

CV and job references are now available. Check out the web page or download the PDF from the link at the bottom of the page.